Three Is A Crowd… Well I Beg To Differ

Dollarphotoclub_47987765Greg was lying on the floor of his living room, naked, exhausted and very dumbfounded by what had just happened. He turned his head to the right and his beautiful young wife had her wide eyes looking at him. He turned his head to the left and Sasha had her smaller, cat eyes open, looking at him. He finally looked to the ceiling and smiled. He had finally had a threesome.

It had begun like any other day for Gregory Jackson, a 48-year-old man, living a comfortable and rather very settled life. He had everything and some would say way more than most. An amazing job, which by the way he was boss of. A beautiful 25-year-old wife, blonde, with the longest legs and greatest curve he had seen on woman. And yes his golf, yeah his 16 -hole record at the local.

And when night fell he was alone in his 2000 square feet house. All alone to enjoy the solitude. It is good his ex-wife got custody of his two kids, he really didn’t like kids. Bianca had taken the night off as she said, “to go run wild with her girls and feel young.” And so she rightly deserved to, he always suspected that deep down she had married him for his money, for in essence he wasn’t the best look guy; at best he was your average middle aged joe.

So he sat on his favorite leather chair and flicked onto ESPN; maybe he would catch up with some baseball or whatever was on. But no, it was some stupid guys discussing numbers and scores. So he flicked the channels and they were all boring. He finally flicked onto one that really caught his attention. He turndown the volume and intensely watched as one of the girls placed an engorged vibrator into her companion, in what seemed was a sex dungeon of sorts.

He reached down into his pants and touched himself. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down. He went on to grab his cock and worked himself into a frenzy as he watched the girls work on each other.

They must have come in very slowly from behind because in an instant he was face to face with his wife, and her friend Sasha.” So this is what you do when I am away.”

He embarrassingly reached for his pants. But his wife grabbed his arm and softly said “no”. She looked at Sasha and said, “Let see if the real thing is better than the porn version.”

They both reached out for each other faces and sucked on each other’s lips; he was immediately hard again. And they worked on each other, tearing each other’s clothes off until they were naked. He too had taken all his clothes off.

They looked at him at the same time and Sasha said,” well, the moment of truth, Bi. Can he handle all of this?”

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